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Ready to target your ideal K12 customer?


For those of you that have digested all this material some of the items below will be repeats. However, we wanted to make sure we provided a concise section on important points and things to consider. These points are specific to K-12 educational product and service offerings.

Important Points for K-12 Education
Products & Services Market

Number 3

Display and banner ads are the way free content is made available to online audiences, so there are no opt-in or privacy laws that prevent your ads from being seen.  There are no blacklists or blocking of ads being served.  

Number 4

The number of banner ad impressions served to each person on the list can be controlled. For example, you can limit the number of ads shown to each person per day, avoiding the dreaded banner blindness. 

Number 5

The total campaign budget is completely flexible, allowing you to stop and start at any point to limit – or expand – depending on how your ads are performing.

Number 6

You have complete control over when and where a banner advertisement is displayed: time of day, days of the week, start and stop dates and more. Advertisers can also select specific publications or outlets to narrow the approach if that is necessary.

Each banner ad served is delivered to and seen by a reader. Although these impressions can be brief flashes and may not always be noticed, this channel is different from email campaigns that can be filtered automatically to a junk folder before it is even seen in an inbox. 

Number 7

Your Banner ads can be displayed in potentially thousands of different digital publications.  The key is that a Banner ad is only served when to a content reader who is part of your intended audience of targeted individuals.

Number 8

Educational Marketers don’t typically think about “branding” activities, but long term and sustained programmatic digital campaigns to a targeted audience have the potential to really help increase brand awareness.  And we all know, buyers tend to gravitate to brands they recognize.

Number 9
Number 10

Short duration campaigns can be effective if done correctly. To achieve a high number of impressions and individual saturation, Educational Marketers may consider a premium advertising placement bid price.  For instance, if an educational marketer wanted to promote a Civil Rights reading series for Black History month, they could drive this messaging home hard in the month or so prior by saturating the digital impressions their target audience receives.

Number 2

The all-in post creative price to display an advertisement to your targeted education audience will range from around $7/M to $15/M, making it one of the most affordable forms of large-scale prospect marketing available.

Number 1

The current education match rates achieved by MCH are around 80-90%.  This means that an educational marketer can cover up to 80-90% of the education market they are interested in with a digital advertisement.

Ready to target your ideal K12 customer?

Ready to target your ideal K12 customer?

Ready to target your ideal K12 customer?

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